January 15th, 2017 –> @Movati Nepean

15 warm up on the stairs (or whatever suits you, cardio is NOT my thing)

6 sets of push press: I did 3 sets at a standard weight, about 70% of my capacity and then increased my weight for the last 3 sets each time until I was in a full out struggle mode.

As many reps as possible in 12 minutes: 20 push ups, 20 kettle bell swings (overhead), 20 alternating leg lunges.

It was sweaty, exciting and quick!


GUYS- it’s 2017 and I have completely been neglecting this area of my site. So get ready. I recently joined Movati Nepean and am obsessed. Feeling like my body is on its way back to healthiness and lifting weights again has lit me up. All the fitness posts are about to come your way!


2016- I really like working out- and yes, Lincoln comes first, but right after having a son, getting back to working out is what I’m most excited about. January 14th is my ‘you’re cleared’ date to get back to a routine.

March 7 – stroller fit at Canada Games Center. Babes Lincoln & Sam hanging out while their moms do all the cardio and pee their pants.

Jan 18- today I did 2 yoga videos at home. this isn’t typical for me as I’m pretty competitive and I like to work out with other people, and yoga isn’t always my workout of choice. But an old friend posted a post-natal yoga video that is only 11 minutes so that any busy moms can do it. I completed Sarah Jane’s post natal core video, and then Fiji’s post natal flow. The site has all sorts of videos for you to choose and they’re all completely free. Check it out here.

Jan 16- this week I started a moms & babies fitness class at Cyclone. Twice a week, 6 moms get together and work out with their baby or on the occasion the baby sleeps through the class. Fortunately, Elana, the owner loves babies and will hold them if they’re crying, so that her clients can get the full workout.

I also did another couple workouts at Crossfitย ironstone. I missed lifting heavy weights and worked on power cleans.

6 sets working up to about 70% of my past max, which seems heavy to me now. At 70%, which was 75 pounds, I did 3 sets of 5 reps (with constant checks on the baby who I left in the stroller in the corner).

Jan 10- crossfit ironstone

I went to the gym for the first time in many, many months. It took me about two hours to get out of the house because of poop, and feeding but also and mainly because of how I looked. My crops were hiked up so high to try and tame this new fat roll I have. Zack said “you can either go to the gym and work on it, or stay home and hold a crying baby”, that helped get me out of the house. My workout was a far cry from what I used to be able to do but it was a start.

1500 m row

5-3-2-1 bench press @ 85

5 sets of 5 dead lifts @ 105

Jan 5- I did my first real ‘workout’ using the term very very lightly. I went to a yin yoga class at Shanti Halifax. My thoughts the whole time were fixated on my nipple pads falling out while in down dog or my nipples leaking like faucets when I was laying face first. I think somewhere in there I practiced yoga but mainly thought about my boobs. Oh that and which tank top showed my belly roll the least amount.

Crossfit Open – first trimester. I was barely pregnant within the first 4 weeks, but man did I ever feel like shit. I don’t think anyone noticed and I completed all of the workouts for my first open.



Parliament Hill Yoga- 5 months pregnant.