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OCT. ’17: Growth. I’m in a phase where I feel like switching everything up. Maybe it’s the fall weather that makes you always feel like a reset. But I want to redo my wardrobe, my home, my instagram account and I just redid my blog site. I hope you like it!

in here…I missed a whole bunch of months. Let’s start over.

MAY: Support. This month is another crazy one with a new store opening. The biggest word for me, is to remember to ask for support, and to be supportive. Zack is an incredible support role for me, as well as my parents. When I need something, they step in, no questions asked. I need to remember to thank them, and show appreciation for the support the provide.

APRIL: Authenticity. That’s what I’m about this month. Getting back to my core. Maybe it’s the spring, a new awakening with the fresh air; but it’s feeling good and I’m going to keep rolling with it!

MARCH: This month is all about priority. As I know I’m going into a full work month with multiple projects, it’s important for me to remember to prioritize and not get worked up on the unfinished. Making my to do lists, and ensuring me time, and family time is on that priority list is uber important.

FEBRUARY: My word for the month of February is acceptance. I often get ahead of myself and can feel my chest getting tight when I’m getting wound up. Acceptance to me, doesn’t mean just let things be and allow them to work themselves out. Rather, acceptance is detaching from the outcome and allow that to be, accept that, but still put in the effort. With so much travel for Zack and I this month I can often get frustrated. But if I accept that we both chose these work paths, I can detach from the outcome of travel.

JANUARY: My word of the month for January is abundance. I keep telling people I work with, “Ask in abundance.” Ask often and ask BIG. You never know the answer, you might assume what the answer will be, but you don’t truly know. Use abundance this month with yourself. January is a time to rest, take some rest and come at the upcoming year with gusto. So abundantly love yourself, treat yourself to a massage, a glass of wine, a snuggle night in bed, movie dates, whatever floats your boat. But do you this month, because you know 2017 is only going to get bigger and better.

With Love,



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